PM61 helps our customers capture new opportunities across their business by bringing people, data, and processes together with intelligent cloud applications that unify their CRM and ERP capabilities.

Act while focusing on the right priorities

Act with confidence. Gather useful information from large amounts of complex data to deliver simple and easy to understand results that customers can relate to.

  • Increase sales speed by using an analytical model that identifies the prospects most likely to buy
  • Make smarter and more efficient decisions with alerts from your CRM that measure relationship variables to help determine your next action
  • Build trust with customers and increase opportunities by recommending products that matter to them
  • Engage your customers and personalize their experience by learning more about them

Know your customer better than they know themselves

Armed with a good understanding of customer behavior, trends, and potential value, your sales team will be ready to build and develop customer relationships, regardless of how customers interact with you.

  • Study emails and discern which customers will be more open to further interaction
  • Use sales software and social media to generate high-quality leads based on key buying signals
  • Identify relevant opportunities and account information using email, calendar, and CRM data
  • Easily collaborate and share conversations, events, notes, and sales content with colleagues—even if they aren’t using CRM

Maximize sales and minimize administration

Increase revenue, boost productivity, gain key insights, and reduce costs when you automate your sales processes through a highly intuitive interface that uses CRM capabilities.

  • Enjoy the freedom to work wherever you are, however you want, managing customers and deals alike while using familiar and preferred tools
  • Recruit, integrate, and strengthen your partner channel with a comprehensive activation and implementation process
  • Take full advantage of the latest mobile apps to provide you with convenient, on-the-go contextual news, social data, and task flows
  • Anticipate every step needed to close deals faster through the use of automation and guided sales processes

Create a culture that nurtures success

Accelerate your sales performance with real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information. Inspire, onboard, coach, and motivate your team to achieve more through competitions that are fun and engaging.

  • Get answers fast by using dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI Q&A for natural language queries
  • Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real time
  • Ease onboarding and align sales behavior through sales management software and interactive help and documentation
Connect with customers anytime, anywhere

Support your customers wherever and whenever needed. Deliver the personalized, consistent service customers expect across their choice of device and channel—including social media.

  • Use a unified platform for consistency and visibility across channels
  • Get deeper insights with a 360-degree customer view
  • Personalize interactions based on past interactions and behavior
Help your customers help themselves

Enable your customers to easily find answers with access to a community where they can connect with peers and subject-matter experts. When required, customers can then transition seamlessly to assisted support.

  • Offer access to customer service anytime, anywhere
  • Deliver real-time service optimized for any mobile operating system and device
Give agents and customers answers on the spot

Access and deliver consistent answers across channels using a searchable knowledge base. Personalize portal content for customers and measure response impact through in-depth analytics.

  • Deliver the right answers at the right time across all channels
  • Capture content from social media, service interactions, and experts
  • Understand how your knowledge base works alongside comprehensive analytics, helping you improve and add information based on customer needs
Be proactive with built-in digital intelligence

Enable predictive customer service using data analytics built into your customer service software. Identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and gain invaluable insights through interactive dashboards and data visualization capabilities.

  • View real-time key service metrics through fully customizable dashboards
  • Automatically detect sentiment and intent on social posts using built-in intelligence
  • Resolve issues faster by using machine learning to reference relevant articles and cases
  • Obtain quick insights to help identify trending issues

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